Permanent LED Holiday Lighting

Year round, permanent, color changing LED roofline lighting.

Have you ever wanted to light your home for an occasion other than Christmas, but are tired of climbing the ladder, or storing tons of stuff? Our innovative, permanent LED holiday lighting is the answer you have been looking for!

Our color changing lights are a permanent, fully programmable lighting system installed onto the eaves of your home. The lights and wires are encased in a track that is color matched to your home, keeping the system discreet. Unlike other lighting, our system is fully customizable, allowing you to choose from 16 million colors, or create different color schemes and patterns. Red white and blue for the 4th of July, orange and purple for Halloween, or pastel colors for Easter. These lights stay up all year round, making every holiday and occasion a special event with just the touch of a button.

Permanent Lighting Features:

  • Controlled by an app
  • Discreet, nearly invisible during the day.
  • Never climb a ladder again.
  • Customize for any day of the year
  • Low voltage LED making it very energy efficient.
Permanent LED Holiday Lighting Controlled by an App

Permanent LED Holiday Lighting

We’re changing the future of outdoor lighting. Learn more about how we can illuminate your home with our color changing permanent holiday lighting.

Why Choose Lumen FX LED Lighting

Discreet LED Permanent Christmas Lights


Our color match aluminum track makes them nearly invisible during the day.

Energy Efficient Permanent Christmas Lights

Energy Efficient

Low voltage LED are energy efficient and better for the earth; and, better on your wallet, our permanent Christmas lights that are rated for 22,000 hours, or 15 years of regular usage.

Customizable LED Permanent Christmas Lights


Create custom patterns and unique programs, or choose from a library of pre-programmed settings, all from an app on your smartphone.

Accident Proof LED Permanent Christmas Lights

Accident Proof

No one wants to get on the ladder. Let us ensure that you don’t have to for years to come.

Dazzling LED Permanent Christmas Lights


You’ll amaze onlookers with millions of colors and motion patterns—for holidays, security, or accent lighting.

Safe & Secure LED Permanent Christmas Lights

Safe & Secure

Feel safe knowing your unique display is also brightening the area, and detracting from theft or break-in.

Professionally Installed LED Permanent Christmas Lights

Professionally Installed

Our trained experts will leave you with a great experience; our low voltage lighting system will be cleanly and quickly installed.




Backed by decades of industry experience; every install is professionally done by trained technicians.

We offer a 2-year full service and product warranty.

All of the lights and components are backed by an additional 4 years after that.

We do all of this, so you can rest easy knowing you have invested in the highest quality RGB lighting.4

Invisible by Day

The track is fastened to the bottom of the fascia, with the lights facing down. The small portion of the light extends past the track allowing you to see the lights from all angles, while also allowing the lights to reflect off the exterior of the home, giving it a beautiful glow.
Los.Angeles County CA LED Permanent Christmas Lights Installation
San Diego County CA LED Permanent Christmas Lights Installation
Riverside County CA LED Permanent Christmas Lights Installation

Watch this video (sound on) to learn more, and see, in action, some of the amazing things our lights can do. Change the color, speed, brightness, or pattern; even set a calendar with what lights you want for different days! The options really are endless.